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Trump It

Trump It is many things to many people.

Not simply because there are many things we do. But that we do them in ways that work.
The unsurprising outcome of that is that people who hire us for one of our services somehow turn around and come back for the next…and the next…and before you know what, they’re family.

There’s spirit in Trump It. It’s catching. Some of our clients are chronically enthused, as a consequence.
There’s space in Trump It. Not much of the physical kind, but the kind that let’s ideas run amok and come home to roost. It energises the troposphere. It keeps us jumping.
There’s joy in Trump It.  The joy of being with friends; of music in the air; of creative juices flowing; of doing a job well and on time; of making a client simply beatific.

As we said, Trump It is many things:

  • An event management company
  • A creative agency
  • A marketing services think-tank
  • A Web Design team
  • A production house ( sound and film division)
  • An online radio station, offering customized audio streaming and packaging solutions

What are you looking for? Check with us. We probably have it.


Trump It’s Event Management capabilities include:

  • Conferences (local and international)
  • Training programmes
  • Corporate social functions
  • Store launches
  • Brand launches and music festivals -- on site and off site.
  • Supported by excellent logistical, creative and production teams, this service also covers all collateral material such as logos, literature and merchandising.


The Web Division of Trump It is equipped to design, develop and maintain websites, regardless of content or complexity. From corporate websites to interactive tech-specific websites to social networking sites, Trump It has the capability to provide aesthetic and efficient solutions to satisfy the evolving demands of cyberspace.

Trump It’s recently constituted Film Production team packs more than 20 years of experience in marketing communication, having worked for virtually all the city’s leading corporates, plus some from Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Dubai.

From concept to completion, Trump It can handle all genres in the commercial and industrial marketing landscape , budgets and time-squeezes generally notwithstanding.

These include:

  • Corporate films
  • Product launches
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Public Service
  • Induction
  • Education
  • Social issues


Trump It is the author of India’s first 24x7 online radio. The Audio Division has the bandwidth to provide both content and technology for practically any requirement in the corporate world. is India’s first Online Radio Station for International Music.

Running for a little over a year now, has maximised the potential of the Digital Era of music, which started with the advent of the MP3. What better way to 'spread the music' than by using the internet? offers you high quality streaming at relatively low bit rates, indigenously designed software to make it as user friendly as possible and of course, careful categorisation of music from all over to suit every person's needs. With myopusradio, ‘Death by Customisation’ is the motto.

In an age where advertising is cluttered and Direct Mailers are a dime a dozen, replica hublot there is an emphasis on Customer Experience like never before. And is a perfect tool to streamline that Customer Experience to the last detail and ensure consistency, feasibility and relevance to a brand.

With myopusradio, you can:

  • Ensure consistency in the Music Proposition at all outlets.
  • Use the Audio stream to publicise offers/promotions that are running currently
  • Create multiple points of engagement with the customer through contests/trivia/RJ talk, etc
  • Advertise products/brands that would want to be known to the captive audience at your outlets. This could become an additional revenue stream.
  • Give the consumers a more personalized enjoyable experience hence lifting your brand perception and image.

About us

Bangalore based Trump It was founded in January 1999, by Gina and Carlton Braganza.

Gina – honed by a solid five years in J. Walter Thompson. Carlton -- a limitless reservoir of creativity – audial, visual and verbal.  The new event management company they launched was born advantaged.

The organization grew organically. Change was inevitable and exhilarating. It brought Trump It to where it is now…multifaceted, replica watches tag heuer packed with talent, skill and experience. The amalgam has produced some of the city’s most commendable work in event management, replica breitlingweb design and technology, creative services, film production and audio packaging and streaming.

Trump It has created concepts for clients that are not just enduring annual events but have grown into brands of national stature. Examples are IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge -- which attracts the best brains in the business, replica tag heuerKroaKnights Karaoke Contest – the promise of instant stardom, and Booze & Clues -- India’s largest pub quiz event.

At the core of it all is the reason why. One changeless attribute : seriousness of purpose. We’re deadly serious about ourselves, about the work we do and about the clients we’re privileged to serve.